Monday, 24 December 2012

Sweet SNSD selca and message !^^

[UPDATE SELCA + TRANS MESSAGE] 121224 From:SOOYOUNG 메리크리스마~~스!!!!
Original Message:
소원!!! 메리크리스마스!!^^컴백을 예고하고 글이네요?^^ 근지러워 죽는  알았당께롱..ㅎㅎ
예고하고 나니까괜히 !!빨리보여주고 싶다는!! 으하하!! 이제 진짜 조금만 기다리면 새로운 소시의 모습을
  있으니까기대 많이 해주세요:)기쁨과 감사가 넘치는 성탄절날주위 분들과 사랑을 나누며
따듯한 크리스마스 보내세요^-^!

그리고 마음이 훈훈해지는 좋은 소식하나 !저희 소녀시대가 시각장애인협회 연구기금 마련을 위한 경매를
26일부터 시작한답니다^^좋은곳에 쓰이는 만큼 여러분의 많은 관심부탁 드려요♥
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이런 좋은 소식은 널리널리 퍼뜨려서 공위터의 위엄을 보여줍시다 하핫^^메리크리수마슈^^

Trans Message:

SONE!!! Merry Christmas!! ^ㅡ^
It's the first post, after giving notice of a comeback. ^ㅡ^
I thought I was dying from wanting to tell (about the comeback).. ㅎㅎ
After giving notice, I want to show you our comeback!! for no reason!! earlier! euhaha!!
Now, if you really wait for just a little more, you will be able to see a new Soshi!
So look forward to it :)
The day where happiness and thanks overflows, Christmas, share love with those around you, and spend a warm Christmas^-^!

And one more heartwarming news!
SNSD is starting an auction on December 26th to raise funds for the association for the visually impaired ^ㅡ^
As it's going to be for a good cause, give lots of attention! Please♥

Link below↓!!

↑ Please check this site!
We need your support:)♥

Let's spread good news like this far and wide, and show the dignity of official homepage+Twitter haha ^ㅡ^
Merry Christmas ^ㅡ^♥

Source: GirlsGeneration Official Site || ch0sshi ||


Merry Xmas everyone !^^ Have a great holiday :)

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